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March Hare Software provide two Servers with so you can choose to purchase the one that best suits your workflow and environment. Choose from the widely deployed and stable CVSNT Server for Linux, Unix, Mac or Windows or the new Change Manager Server that is so flexible that both CVS, CVSNT and SVN (Subversion) clients can connect to it, and provides powerful centralised management and control.

CVSNT Server

CVSNT is a lightweight but powerful version control server. It runs on most computers and consumes very few resources and required very little server administration, however it allows organisations to centrally define policy and controls as well as track change sets and integrate to enterprise defect tracking and build management systems.

CVSNT is used by teams as small as a couple of developers right through to large enterprises with thousands of users running teams across multiple sites or continents. CVSNT Server communicates to clients through an industry standard low volume protocol that can be enrypted and compressed for use over public wide area networks.

With CVSNT Server you can have an efficient, audited and secure versioning system up and running in a few hours.

Change Manager Server

Change Manager 2008 is designed to assist larger teams work efficiently and consolidate disparate version control systems whilst minimising the impact on staff, procedures and process by allowing the continued use of existing clients.

Software development teams want to work as efficiently as possible, which can be facilitated by allowing the teams to use the tools that are most productive for them to use, including: Subversion clients like TortoiseSVN, the "svn" command or the Eclipse SVN plugin; WinCVS, TortoiseCVS or the Eclipse CVS plugin; and many more. Project and Quality managers want to be able to set policies that will be enforced across the development teams and to produce reports from all projects in a common and easily understood format. CM Server enables the development teams and the management teams both achieve these results.

Versioning documentation has never been easier - just connect the CM Server repository to a windows drive letter and documents read from and written to the drive are automatically versioned.

CM Server is a platform that will continue to grow. In December 2008, CM Server 2009 will be launched with additional management tools and support for an additional client.