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CVS for Windows ( also OS/400 Mac OS X Linux )    Español  Deutsch  日本

Experience the breakthrough new TortoiseCVS. Work with files under CVS version control directly from Windows Explorer with a context sensitive right click menu that predicts which actions are available for a file. Buy now for £85.

Tortoise Right Click Menu

Right Click

With TortoiseCVS you can directly check out modules, update, commit and see differences by right clicking on files and folders within Explorer. The options that are displayed are dependent upon the status of the files or directories that are selected. Right click on a file which has just been checked out and you can "CVS Edit" to specify a bug or job number and reserve it for your exclusive or co-operative use. Click and empty directory and you can checkout a workspace into this area. Right click a directory with changed files and you can create a patch archive or submit the changes to the CVSNT repository server.

You can perform tagging, branching, merging and importing, and you can go directly to a browser web log (using ViewCVS or CVSWeb) on a particular file.

App icons

Visual Feedback

You can see the status of a file at a glance due to clear overlays placed on the default file icons within Explorer. An Orange file indicates that it has been modified by you in the local workspace. Purple question mark symbols indicate that the file exists in the workspace on the PC but does not exist in the repository, usually because the file has been recently created. The lock icon indicates that the file is not available for change yet because you have not marked it for edit. The red explamation mark symbol indicates that you have made changes to the local file but someone else has also made changes to the same part of that file and you need to resolve a conflict.

CVS Suite TortoiseCVS Checkout
TortoiseCVS provides an easy to way to browse the contents of a repository and checkout a module, project, directory or a single file.

Browse and Checkout

Right click on an empty direcory and choose checkout to bring up an advanced dialog to create a workspace with. The dialog allows browsing the contents of CVSNT repositories so that you can checkout any file or directory.

Additional settings on the other tabs allow you to control which branch and the name of the directory that will be created to hold the new workspace.

CVS Suite TortoiseCVS Revision Graph
Merge Points provides a clear way to see when merges between branches have occured. Combined with the Revision Graph in TortoiseCVS is a powerful tool for viewing the history of your work.

Merge Points

The Advanced CVSNT server tracks when merges are performed between Branches or the Trunk and Branches. TortoiseCVS can use this information to present an historical view of when changes have occured and how changes in different branches relate to one another. By hovering the most pointer over a revision a pop up hint lets you know a little about this version. By clicking on the version you can get futher information in the detail pane.