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Last Modified: Monday, August 8, 2005 Home > CVS > Comparing CuteFTP and CVSNT Release Manager 
Comparing CuteFTP and CVSNT
CVSNT is the most widely supported, feature rich and secure Versioning Server and Client available today on Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, HPUX, and Linux.

CVSNT has been progressing through development, testing and production releases for seven years and we are currently shipping version 2.5.
  March Hare Software provide CVS Professional Support and CVSNT worldwide.

If you need to deploy applications or web sites to multiple servers in geographically diverse locations then CVSNT Release Manager is the ideal tool.

CVSNT provides a versioning engine which keeps track of which versions of the application or web site are under development, in test, awaiting deployment or already deployed. Using a web based browser such as ViewCVS or CVSWEB you can even see at a glance which servers have which version of a web page or file.

For a quick comparison of some of the advantages of using CVSNT over CuteFTP for web page or application deployment see the panel to the right.

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  CVSNT Server is open source, free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

March Hare Software provide CVSNT Release Manager to Support customers.

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 Versions every fileYESNo
 From server can check which version of the file is on which clientsYESNo
 Supports Standard CVS Servers.YESNo
 Compatible with any industry standard FTP serverYESYes
 Connect securely to SFTP (SSH) Servers using password or public-key based authentication/Standalone serverYESYes
 Scheduled Transfers set up transfers to occur at a future date or time and optionally in a recurring manner.YESYes
 Only transfer what has changedYESNo
 Compressed Transfers streaming compression for faster transfers as well as manual compress/deflate to/from ZIP archivesYESYes
 Discounts for multiple copiesYESYes

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