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Last Modified: Monday, August 23, 2005 Home > CVS > Comparing Subversion (SVN) and CVSNT 
Comparing Subversion (SVN) and CVSNT
CVSNT is the most widely supported, feature rich and secure CVS Server and Client available today on Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, HPUX, and Linux.

CVSNT has been progressing through development, testing and production releases for six years and we are currently shipping version 2.5.
  March Hare Software provide CVS Professional Support and CVSNT worldwide.

CVSNT development began as simply a port of CVS 1.10 and then 1.11 to Windows, however it quickly became clear that vital new security and features were being added to CVSNT that CVS users on all platforms required. CVSNT then became available for Unix as well as Windows and now supports most of the active software development platforms available.

March Hare Software (UK) in partnership with the CVSNT development community are continuing to develop CVSNT; adding features, improving security and increasing the number of supported platforms.

For a quick comparison1 of some of the advantages of using CVSNT over CVS please see the panel to the right.

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  CVSNT Professional Support and CVSNT are open source, free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

March Hare Software provide Installation, training, support and builds for OS/400 V4R5, V5R1 and later to Support Multi Site Plus and Support Enterprise customers.

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1 This comparison is based on material collected from the Subversion project as of May 20, 2005 at and It does not represent an independant or exhaustive comparison between CVSNT and Subversion. We have specifically excluded subjects that are promoted as features of Subversion that it is our opinion are limitations or where a comparison cannot be directly made between the products.
 Supports authentication via Microsoft Active Directory or SSH (windows only)YESNO
 Most current CVS features. YESYES
 Renames are versioned.YESYES
 File meta-data.YESYES
 Commits are truly atomicYESYES
 Does not require Apache/Standalone serverYESYES
 Can be tunnelled over SSHYESYES
 Efficient storage of binary files using binary deltasYESYES
 optional locking (reserved checkouts). YESNO
 true rename support (not based on copy/delete) YESNO
 repository-level ACLs YESNO
 pluggable server-side diff programs YESNO
 Set enforced protocols allow server to lock out clients connecting over insecure protocols or using insecure/inefficient options.YESNO
 Easily remove protocols (without recompile) YESNO
 Branch ACLs can be used to restrict accessYESNO
 More sophisticated / extra triggers available e.g. postcommit. Triggers also available via COM/DLL/.so interfaces YESNO
 Supports Unicode files with additional keyword expansion switchesYESNO
 Server-side default options (cvsrc)YESNO
 UTF-8 (Unicode) Server.YESNO
 Multi Lingual filenames suport.YESYES
 Rendevous SupportYESNO
 Binary availability for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, SolarisYESYES
 Binary availability for HPUXYESNO
 Client support for IBM iSeries (AS/400) OS/400YESNO
Windows Server
 Configurable with Windows Control PanelYESNO
 Compatible with NTFS ACL's for using permissions based on Windows username or group.YESNO
 Triggers also available via COM and DLL interfaces YESNO
 Uses native file access YESNO
 Crashdump handler YESNO
 Windows native MSI installer YESNO
 Smart Merge (merge tracking) using MergePointYESNO
 Supports Unicode files with additional keyword expansion switchesYESNO
 Version OSX resource fork extensions keyword expansion switchesYESNO

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