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Last Modified: Monday, September 16, 2003 Home > Software > Free HTML Printer Driver 
Printer Definitions

A Uniface printer definition specifies a device table to use to translate certain control codes into text suitable for the printer.

Compuware provide a simple mechanism to define these, but do not provide a mechanism for users to create their own drivers like the MSWINX.

Therefore this driver is a typical "unix" stype "text only" driver.

FREE HTML Printer Driver for Uniface

Defining your own printer driver is as simple as setting up a translation table. However not many Uniface developers are comfortable about developing device and translation tables.

Download it and try it today.

This printer driver for Uniface simply translates a standard Uniface print request into basic HTML.

Uniface has two modes for producing printed output, standard and extended. Compuware have yet to publish any details as to how users can gain access to the 'extended' mode, however the standard mode is still available.

Standard mode, however, is not what most people use to print with, for instance, MSWINX is an extended mode driver. standard mode drivers like P_POSTSCRIPT and P_HTML cannot produce different fonts.

If you are after a WYSIWYG HTML solution the only one we are aware of is from Adobe. Using Adobe Acrobat PDF writer with the standard P_MSWINX driver you can produce acrobat files, that can then be served as GIF or JPEG using Adobe Document Server.

Information from Adobe on Adobe Document server can be found here.

The Free March Hare Uniface HTML printer driver can be downloaded from here.

More Information

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