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Last Modified: Monday, July 23, 2009 Home > Software > Java Call Out/In Driver 
Call Windows System Functions from Uniface
  Select system printers, print or save a bitmap image of the screen, tile or cascade windows, change Uniface icons and much more with the 3GLs DLL.
  With MH3GLs your application can Tile or Cascade open windows, Get and Post data to/from the World Wide Web, get the current accurate time, and even create bitmaps of the screen for printing or saving for later reference or problem diagnosis.

The MH3GLS Driver DLL gives your Uniface application that polished edge, including being able to submit bug reports to your web site from withing your Uniface application, print screens, and ensure security by using genuine date and time stamps.

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   49 per user (windows)
256 per site (windows)
Support 20% per annum.
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  Available for Uniface Six, Seven, Eight and Nine
Using MH3GLS Driver DLL, any Uniface application from Uniface Six onwards can call Use any or all of the following functions.

  • Display splash screen and system tray icon
  • Display a balloon message from System Tray icon (Windows XP/Vista - Uniface Eight and Uniface Nine)
  • Find any string within another.
  • Find the current position of the active window.
  • Find the current window handle named window.
  • Find the current window handle of the named Uniface object.
  • Find the entities painted on a component.
  • Cascade all the child windows of the current application.
  • Tile all the child windows of the current application.
  • Set the title bar icon of a window.
  • Destroy the memory and system resources used by an icon.
  • Set the title bar icon of a class of windows.
  • Enable/disable a window (or control, like a session panel button).
  • Hide a window (or control, like a session panel button).
  • Save a bitmap image of a window/form.
  • Print an exact bitmap image of a window/form.
  • Get a list of all Windows Printer Queue Names.
  • Set the current default printer for Windows.
  • Get the current correct UNC time from NIST.
  • Get the current correct Local time from NIST+Windows.
  • Get a page from the Internet/World Wide Web.
  • Submit information to a page on the Internet/World Wide Web.
  • Canonicalise / urlencode a string

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