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CVS for Windows ( also OS/400 Mac OS X Linux )    Español  Deutsch  日本

Visual Studio CVS: CVS Suite is integrated with the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2013/2012/2010/2008/2005/2003/2002/6 IDEs using SCCI. This simplifies development in a Windows environment while not compromising on platform suport and enterprise visibility. Code on Windows and deploy on OS/400, HPUX, Solaris, Mac OS X and Linux. Buy now for £85.

SCCI Options

Pending Checkins

The Microsoft Visual Studio .NET IDE shows you the files that have been edited in the Pending Checkins window. You can easily discard or commit any changes from there immediately, or leave them till a later time to checkin with either the integrated tools or any other client such as CVS Suite Studio, TortoiseCVS or WinCVS.

VS.NET Right Click Menu

Right Click

With CVS Suite VS.NET Integrtion you can directly check Get Latest Version, Undo Checkout, Get, Check In and Compare by right clicking on files within the Solution Explorer. The options that are displayed are dependent upon the status of the files or directories that are selected.

You can perform tagging, branching and other administrative tasks using the CVS Suite Studio or TortoiseCVS.

Emulates Visual SourceSafe workflow

Many visual studio developers appreciate the simplicity of the Visual Studio workflow, but require an enterprise grade versioning tool. CVS Suite is the perfect combination providing integration with Visual Studio that implements an easy to use reserved system so that no two developers accidentally try and work on the same file on the same branch at the same time. Of course if you prefer an unreserved mode you can use a combination of TortoiseCVS and the Visual Studio plugin.

SCCI Control Portal

CVS Suite SCCI Integration includes a configuration utility that allows you to select between multiple SCCI providers. This is important when using Visual Studio .NET 2003 or other IDEs with multiple SCCI providers because the IDE that only recognises a single installed provider at a time.

Familiar user controls

For Visual Studio users the SCCI integration provides the fastest way to get up and running with CVS Suite. The process and controls are immediately familiar to Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio users. However behind the scenes it is the same tools used by CVS Suite Studio and TortoiseCVS making it familiar to long time users of CVS.

File compare

CVS Suite includes a powerful file comparison tool to simplify checking the changes you have made to source code, and even for restoring code that was removed in a previous version or on another branch.

Microsoft Partners

March Hare Software have been long time partners with Microsoft, including launch partners for Visual Studio 2013 so you can be assured that we have access to the licensed technical API's from Microsoft to ensure you get a seamless Visual Studio experience.